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Your Future Has Been Adjusted

Your Future Has Been Adjusted

It was adjusted decades ago by foreign policies that gave us today's world. Those past adjustments influence today's adjustments, robbing future generations of their choices as well. Choices such as living in an environment that doesn't require owning an automobile. Choices that don't center around oil. Choices that don't center around consumerism in order to have enjoy life, that don't center around affordable and reasonable health care.

Yes, I'm in a sour mood.

I just got back from Universal Studios where the Beach Boys played. It was not enjoyable. The place was overly packed such that I couldn't get my wife into the handicap section. We had to sit outside the main area. At least the music was loud enough (lord, was it loud).

Beach Boys Universal Studios Orlando 2011

I went to Universal this evening packing an E-1 with the Sigma 30mm and an E-3 with the Zuiko 50-200mm. I knew from prior experience out at Universal I was going to be well back from the stage, but I didn't think we'd be completely outside the outdoor concert area.

I found an odd spot well outside the official concert area with some small altitude above most of the crowd that allowed me to use the E-3 and the 50-200mm to snag some shots. I used a spray-and-pray approach to photography this evening, composing and focusing and then just firing off a sequence in the vain hope that something good might get captured. No such luck. Two photos were worth keeping. Or at least posting. One of the two is above, the other below. And I deliberately made sure to include the warning about recording the show. According to my wife they've been doing the same shtick for 44 years. The same shtick.

Beach Boys Universal Studios Orlando 2011
Note the "use" sign lower right. What utter crap.

I don't know what was worse, the fact I could see some of the Beach Boys wearing hearing aides or listening to all the oldsters sing along off-key. Or dance with each other around the area. Did I tell you how much I dislike crowds? We stayed for an hour until they played Good Vibrations, then we headed home. I went because my wife wanted to go, and I'll do it again if she wants to go again. But I absolutely refuse to go just for me. They're not good at all anymore.

And while I'm at it, let me say (again) how poor security is out there. Poor as in rude. Not all, mind you, but a sizable number. Some of them were quite flaming in their lack of professional courtesy.

Musical Instruments



Psychic Reader

I spent more time away from the concert, roaming about looking for interesting night angles, than I did listening to the Beach Boys. Working with the E-1 and the E-3, I discovered that the E-3 under certain low-light circumstances (such as the Beach Boy shots) simply blew the E-1 away as far as image quality is concerned. Yet, when I was careful about exposure and composition, I found that the E-1 could match (but not exceed) the E-3. Why use the E-1 then? Because of the E-1's wonderful ergonomics and sweet sounding shutter that stand head-and-shoulders above the E-3.

The photos in this posting are from both cameras. I'll let you dig out which ones are which and which ones you think are superior. Funny thing is that the E-3 is now back in my good graces along with the E-1, and the E-P2 is currently sitting in the bag. Maybe it's my reaction to what happened to my copy of the µ4/3rds M.Zuiko 17mm. Maybe it's just the way I cycle through my gear. Who knows. All I know is I've re-developed an appreciate for the E-3. And for the last few weeks I've been constantly carrying both E-1 and E-3 in my car with lenses mounted, ready for action.

An embarrassment of riches, as it were, and a dearth of time an opportunity to use it all. That's why I came loaded like I did this evening. Fortunately the dark combined with the black bodies to help disguise what a dork I was.

It's been enjoyable not posting every night. Yes, I broke my 365/2011 personal project by skipping the last two evenings. And it was wonderful.


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