Spending Bucks

I have to fly to Boston on a business trip. It's one of those trips that are business attire, meaning, at a minimum, coat, dress slacks and shirts. I've got the coats and slacks, but I've been wearing jeans and regular shirts for so long now that my dress shirts are a bit ragged. So I headed off to Macy's, where they've got some sales going on to pick up three dress shirts and new dress socks.

I managed to get out without feeling I'd spent too much. Now all I have to do is pack and get on the plane for a Sunday flight to make an 8am meeting Monday morning. The Labs and the cats are going to be upset; the Labs because they won't get walked, and the cats because they won't have me to walk on when they want to be fed and rubbed.

My wife will have one of the daughters over, as well as friends, so with all the animals in the house she won't be alone. And it will be balmy, with highs during the days in the low 80s and lows at nights in the low 60s. In Boston, I get upper 50's during the days and 30s at night. I've lived in Florida for 25 years, so I don't know if I can handle cold weather any more.

I'm taking just the E-P2 with me along with a compliment of small lenses, both ยต4/3rds, 4/3rds, and OM. The last business trip to El Paso I took the an E-1 with me along with the E-P2. But this is Boston, and I want to travel discreet and be a tourist, not get hassled as a possible terrorist suspect by waving a DSLR around. Boston authorities have developed a bit of a reputation for being somewhat parochial. I'm not interested in determining if that reputation is deserved or not.


I went out with the E-P2, and photographed this with the M.Zuiko 17mm 1:2.8. A little post processing in Lightroom, where the red and orange channels (the star) were saturated a bit. The E-P2 got the exposure pretty much right.


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