Like Somebody Flipped a Switch

Uptown Travel

Friday dawned clear and bright in Orlando. It was as if the whole world had been scrubbed clean. After a week of sloppy weather, the last two days of which had been heavy bordering on tropical, Friday was a wonderful no-April-fool's kind of day. This was taken around 3pm on the way up to Lee Road to visit a accountant for the yearly income tax ritual. If it'd been as depressingly dreary today like it'd been the prior two days, I don't know if I'd have driven up there or not.

Just as the day was pleasant, so was the accountant. This is a new accountant that was recommended to me by a co-worker. I might owe the feds come April 18th, but at least I'll know why.

Stainless Strainers

And a pair of stainless steel strainers. In black and white. Why a photo of strainers in black and white? Why not?


Once again, in unison "Everything take with an Olympus E-1 with the Sigma 30mm at ISO 100." Some changes next week are in store. Stay tuned.


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