I'm just a cut price person in a low budget land

Especially on American Tax Day. I never seem to pay enough to satisfy Uncle Sam. And so I look out for budgets like a used E-1 for $200. Fortunately I got the lenses that I use with it when they were on sale years past. I've noticed that everything Olympus sells is now back up to full price (and sometimes higher) since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Leaf Toad

My wife and I were out back when she spotted this little fellow in some leaves she'd raked up earlier in the day. Popped the 50mm on the E-1 and went out to bother the little guy. He (she?) tried to scoot deeper into the leaves, but I pulled a few away and then started to take some photos. He stayed put the entire time.

The hardest part in post was trying to pick out enough detail in the eye (the iris) so that it shows when blown up to 8x10 size, and then you stand in front of it to enjoy the details. I'm not talking pixel peeping, just enjoying some of the details.

Waiting Our Turn

It was a typical Monday, except more so due to taxes. Fortunately the office and other environs were mostly empty (nearly everybody was out at a test event). Being alone on days like this is a good thing.

Sometimes when I get really depressed, I like to imagine I'd learned to ride a motorcycle so I could live an imaginary life without any responsibilities. Except I realize you need a job to pay for a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat (and beer money) and gas, oil, tires and spare parts for the bike. As well as pay for the bike. So much for no responsibilities.

I haven't been able to ride a motorcycle since I put one down with my dad when I was 11. We were both riding together around our neighborhood in Gresham Park (Atlanta, Ga) on a small red European-made motorcycle my mom's brother had given us. It was late afternoon. We were taking a slow turn on the way back home and hit a sandy spot in an intersection. We both put the bike down. I got skinned up on my left, but my dad got it worse. We didn't ride that bike any more after that, and I never got on another one again. My loss, I guess.

Walking around during lunch, I decided to document some of the bits and pieces of "infrastructure" poking up out of the ground or bolted onto the sides of buildings. All the vital little gizmos that lie out in the open, unprotected.

Urban Gizmo #1

Urban Gizmo #2

Urban Gizmo #3

"Low Budget" - The Kinks


  1. Wow - nice lighting in those, Bill. Flash? I guess so. If not, then your WB skills are perfect.

  2. Skill? Lol! Maybe, with more than a touch of luck. No flash, all available light.

    Thanks for the high praise.


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