Playing with the light

I once read that some photographer out in Texas said that cat pictures don't matter. Or words to that effect. I guess he must hate cats or something. Taken with a Zuiko OM 50mm 1:1.4 at f/1.4 on my E-P2. I'm now opening up all my lenses and looking for slow shutter speeds. I'm going, where-ever, for soft blur due to minimal depth of field, softness of the lens when used wide open, and some good old fashioned motion blur and hand shake. I think I read that same Texas photographer once wrote, why did it have to be sharp all the time? I agree. I embrace the "imperfections" of my equipment along with my own imperfections as a photographer.

The Fire of Thine Eyes

The Flickr image doesn't do justice to the colors and tones of the original on my monitor in Lightroom. There was something transcendental about the tree in the golden hour of the afternoon.


The golden hour light seemed to transform everything it touched and to uncover fine detail in everywhere, especially in living matter.

Time Passes

The moon is now bright enough to cast shadows out on a walk with the Labs. The weather changed to cool and dry today, a nice break from the past few days in the upper 80s/lower 90's. The evening was particularly cool and crisp.

Waxing Moon 13 April 2011


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