Leavin' on a Jet Plane

It's the end of my stay in Boston. I've absorbed about all I can stand at the SIW before my head explodes. I've packed so I can get up at 4am, get to Logan by 5, and board my 7am flight that lands in Orlando at 10.

I played the tourist one more time and took a few more snapshots around Boston. Of all the ones I've taken while in Boston, this one of the Vespa is probably my favorite.


When I first spotted the Vespa I had to stop for a moment and consider why the owner had done what they'd done. The sign has a horizontal double-ended arrow that explicitly points to the right and left, but not in the center. Did the Vespa owner interpret the arrow to mean that the center of the sidewalk right behind the sign post was the only proper area to park the Vespa? Or maybe the owner thought their Vespa was so small that no-one would bother with it.

If I were the owner of the tow-truck who showed up to tow it, I'd hang it from the end of my crane like a dangling Christmas-tree ornament on the way back to the impound lot.

After getting back to my hotel room, I headed out with the 9-18mm on the E-P2 and went around for a few minutes, doing a bit more night photography.



I'm going to miss Boston, but I miss my wife and family more. I'm looking forward to getting home again.


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