Fences and Speedtraps

Morning light graced a golf course near my home, a golf course I can't afford to play on (not that I'd want to if I could, as I have no use for golf).

The Fence #2

Further down the road, a little more than five minutes (not counting traffic lights) was a very different view. Same kind of light, same kind of atmosphere. Emotionally more in line with what I felt gazing on the off-limits golf course. The fence with the barbed wire on top is around a big empty lot owned by Universal. What you're looking at over edge of the fence are the tops of cheap hotels on International Drive. For some reason, the image reminds me a bit of District 9.

Orange County Sheriff Speed Trap 12 April 2011

And what would a day in Orlando be without my favorite sheriff's department running their favorite speed trap on Corporate Blvd? For the fourth time so far this year? Caught them on the way from one office to another around 11:30. Needless to say when I left for the day they had long since cleared out.

Another day in paradise.


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