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Nokia 770 Internet Tablet OS 2006 BETA Review

On June 9th the Internet Tablet OS 2006 edition Beta was announced on What follows is a quick review of some of the features. Remember when I said Nokia might be good for Linux? If this beta is any indication then I might have been wrong. Let me state up front that once installed, you can't revert back to an earlier version of the software (or at least I can't).
The clock is fixed again. It was broken in the May 2006 release, being off by -3 hours. Now it behaves correctly. I still find the world view a waste of an application. At the very least they could draw the cities of the world on the map.
WiFi networking has changed. If an application such as the web browser is started and there is no WiFi connection, then a connection will be automatically made from the collection of WiFi connections that the connection manager already knows about. The flip side is that if the application is closed then the WiFi connection is closed. I'm assuming this is so that battery p…