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Nokia 770 Internet Tablet OS 2006 Release Review

Nokia's Tablet OS 2006 update was released July 1st. I've been waiting for the final release since upgrading to the beta release . As with all other upgrades to the Nokia 770's software, you have to replace the executable image that's on the 770. This is everything; the operating system, applications, and default data. In the process any installed applications or downloaded data are wiped. Upgrade To start the tablet upgrade I downloaded and installed the latest Nokia Windows upgrade wizard . After going through the upgrade process twice, this upgrade was the best to date. Nokia has improved the process to the point where it's short, clear, and error-free. The first screen of the wizard is a simple introduction. The next step gives simple directions. Differences I made: my tablet was plugged into the charger, and I made no backup. I had nothing to save. As noted above I did not have the charger disconnected. Never-the-less it found the tablet when connecte