Monday, February 16, 2015

that didn't last long

gas prices 16 feb 2015

Two weeks ago gas was $1.91 at this gas station. Today when I filled up the price was back up 37¢. Even diesel hasn't risen this much, only 15¢ during the same period. Yeah, those speculator-driven free markets are so wonderful.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

the sudden collapse of gasoline prices

gas price 30 january 2015

On Friday 30 January I stopped by a local Orlando BP gas station (rather rare these days) and filled up my 2012 Prius with $1.91/gallon gas. Spending nearly $2/gallon is still a lot of money to pay for gas, coming of age as I did in the 1960s when gas was around 25¢/gallon (that's a quarter). As a middle-schooler I can remember filling up my gas can for my neighborhood mowing service for $1 (four gallons in a five gallon container), then spending the weekend earning that back at roughly $2/yard.

That low price stayed pretty much the same when I bought my first car in 1971 before I graduated from high school. Gas stayed relatively cheap through 2003, when I purchased my first and only mini-SUV, the Kia Sorento. When I bought it gas was 88¢/gallon due to a local gas war (remember when gas wars were only about selling cheap gas?) Gas mileage on the Kia was round 20-22mpg, and filling its 20 gallon tank cost me less than $20/week.

Then in August 2004 Hurricane Charlie hit central Florida, and the price of gas spiked above $2/gallon. That was a shock to me. Charlie was followed later that year by Francis and then Jeanne. After Jeanne gas prices began to slowly drift downward toward $2/gallon.

But 2004 was just a rehearsal for 2005. That was the year Hurricane Katrina first hit Florida around Miami/Dade, traveled across the peninsula to the Gulf, re-intensified, headed north, and tore the hell up out of New Orleans. And in the process made a mess of Gulf petroleum and gasoline refining. And that's when the price of gas rode well north of $2 and stayed there. The price of gas would rise slowly, unstoppably, until 2008, when I payed $4.14/gallon near Labor Day. While it would eventually drop back below $4/gallon, it never dropped below $3, and I made a promise to the wife to buy my first Prius. I finally bought that first Prius for the family in 2009.

Orlando Gas Prices 7 April 2012

In 2012 gasoline was making another surge to $4/gallon and higher. I took the photo above in early April, and wrote about how high it had gotten yet again. In the blog post that included this photo I thought that gas would hit $5/gallon that year. Fortunately for me and many others, it never did. But it always hovered between $3 and $4/gallon.

Then in a rather dramatic turn of events starting in November 2014, the price of crude began a huge drop, followed by drops in the price of gas. It has now been below $2/gallon since mid-January here in central Florida. I have even seen the price as low as $1.89. One of those gas stations where it's that low is where I once paid 88¢/gallon twelve years ago.

Just as the high cost of gas seems to have had a dramatic negative effect on the Orlando economy, the impact of dropping gas prices has been equally, if more positively, dramatic. A lot more people are out driving these days, resulting in heavier traffic everywhere. I see a lot more people out shopping everywhere. I can't quote any economic statistics, but from what I see I believe that the region is prospering again. I see a lot of construction these days, especially huge apartment complexes, which I equate with affordable housing.

I never saw this drop coming. I'm now paying less to fill the Prius every week than I did when I first bought my Kia Sorento, even at 88¢/gallon. The Prius holds 10 gallons, half what the Kia did. When I fill up I only have to fill six to seven gallons. I'm still commuting the same distance from where I live near Universal Studios across town to where I work near the University of Central Florida. It's taken a decade of car technological advancement (I now drive a 2012 Prius), as well as a change in driving habits (I'm no hyper-miler, but I don't lead foot it any more either) for me to realize these kinds of savings.

I had to go through a lot of economic pain to get to this point. Hell will freeze over before I go get another gas-guzzling car like the Kia Sorento. In spite of gas being less than half the price it was back in 2012, I doubt a lot of other folks will buy a big car again, in spite of a reported surge in larger vehicle sales. No, I'm on my way towards a totally electric vehicle, or perhaps I'll move back into the city and just give up the car. Gas, maintenance, insurance and other expenses have made the modern car so unpalatable in the 21st century. I no longer enjoy owning and driving a car like I did when I was a teenage driver. The automotive thrill is truly dead and gone in me.

Monday, January 05, 2015

psa: what's not in project2015

Last post I wrote about what I wanted in Project2015. This post is about what won't be here. In general, technology. Posts about Linux are a good example of this, as well as reviews of hardware (camera gear, primarily, followed by computers). I have a second blog, Arcane Science Lab, that is specifically for my technology side. If you want to read what I have to say about technology they you should meander over there.

I wrote this post after looking at the statistics on this blog and noticing that folks are still finding my old Linux posts. The last time I wrote about Linux was back in November of 2013. It was about Ubuntu 13.10, among other distributions. Since then I've moved on to 14.04 LTS, and now to 14.10. Ubuntu is my primary (my only, to be honest) Linux distribution. It works well and I know how to tweak it to do exactly what I want in a mere minutes after initial installation. It runs the latest Oracle Java, as well as the latest Android tools (see above), among other applications I care about. It just works for me, and that's all I ask of any operating system, no matter who makes it. It's now 2015, and that includes not just Canonical but Apple and Microsoft, critics and naysayers not withstanding. I have better things to do with my time that write aspersions about any contemporary operating system on any hardware platform.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

what is project2015?

mcdonald's gainesville

I have started a project for 2015 called Project2015. What is Project2015, you ask? Project2015 is one of those projects with very vague goals that just came sneaking in. It's so vague that when it's finished I can declare victory, no matter what, and say that the final results, however they turn out, were what I had in mind all along. Like many government projects it will be successful in spite of itself.

It will consist of (more or less, generally speaking) a post/day, with at least one lead photograph. The lead photograph will have been taken sometime in 2015. This is not to say that this is a 365 project. I tried one of those back in 2012, and it just about drove me crazy trying to come up with something every single friggin' day. So this time I'll have a lead photo that was taken in 2015, with some words wrapped around it like this post.

The posts will actually be something you recognize, such as this old-style McDonald's up in Gainesville Florida (at the Archer exit on I-75). I like this McDonald's because it's really old-school, not like the modern boxes that are now popping up all over the landscape in place of last generation's McDonald's. Even this one is not truly old-school. Walk inside and the interior is reasonably modern in layout and construction. Only the exterior sports the old-style golden arches. As far as I know it's the only one quite like it left in Central Florida.

This should give you some idea of what Project2015 is all about. It's about life as I happen up it in 2015. It's about how people live and work and how the economy is operating (or not) all through 2015. Because I travel in my job to other parts of the country and the world, it'll include photos and commentary from those areas. The majority is expected to come from around Orlando and Central Florida, with smatterings from other locales in Florida, such as Gainesville and Tallahassee. Maybe the Keys and the Space Coast. Perhaps the odd jaunt to Tampa. Who knows.

Project 2015 and This Old Blog are my historical and sociological digital notebook for 2015. I recognize that 2015, for whatever reason, is a historical cusp for my life in particular and American society in general. Large forces are in play now, and they're going to have major effects on life as I know it. This is my personal document of the year that will be known as 2015. I hope you'll find it interesting, and I look forward to comments and criticisms, constructive or otherwise.