we're all a little less shy now, especially greebo

greebo stands guard over ponder

Twenty-four hours after the Gingersnaps officially arrived, they're both coming out together. Greebo in particular is no longer moving around the room underneath the furniture. When I went to bed last night both he (looking) and Ponder (sound asleep) were up, together, cuddled together in a corner of the bed. For the curious that's Lucy's old blanket in the background... When I finally, carefully, sacked out then Greebo went to sleep as well.

It would have been a sound sleep except that sometime around 3am I was awakened to small scampering feet across the top of the blankets and me. Then at 5am Ponder started his burrowing under the blankets trick again while Geebo stayed on top to pounce him, in their version of the bed mice game.


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