Manic Monday

The Monday Commute

Another in a near-infinite string of Monday morning commutes down the 408 to work. The mercury hit 90 today, and the air is getting nice and saturated. It's only the second week of April, yet it's feeling like summer already.

The lunar terminator is now cutting the moon in half. Mare Imbrium is cut in half, and Mare Vaporum is uncovered. It's interesting that the shadowing around the terminator looks like clouds. I can see why our ancestors thought the moon was like our earth. I wish it were; maybe it would have been a stronger attraction if did have an environment close to our own instead of a hard vacuum and sleeting solar particles.

Half moon 11 April 2011

I had another of my crazy recurring dreams the night before. I had somehow gotten a camera flying near the surface of the moon, and was steering it about, looking at craters and mountains. I had strangers standing around me watching and talking. The dream ended the way this dream always ends; I found a hole/cave/tunnel in the lunar surface. When I steered my camera to go down into the hole, I woke up.

I have no idea what my dream means. I could offer all sorts of armchair analysis, but it wouldn't mean anything. I do well enough just being an engineer. Too many people go to conventions dressed up as imaginary characters from imaginary worlds. I'm too rooted in reality. I'd rather spend my time gazing at the moon, imagining what we might build there if only we had the will to stay there.


First photo taken with the Olympus E-1 and Zuiko 12-60mm. The second was taken with the Olympus E-P2 and the OM 300mm with adapters.


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