Cold Shower Monday

The last of the snow
The last of the snow.

The rain that threatened to fall on Boston kept its promise. It wasn't a torrential Florida rain, but it was cold and wet enough to be miserable. And did I mention it was cold enough? Right on the edge of the harbor was this little pile of dirty snow, a leftover from the last big snowstorm to come blowing through weeks before. This pile, and one other about 20 feet away, were hanging on in defiance of the 50 degree weather.



Not far from the lingering snow was this bronze of leaping dolphins. The bronze was exquisite. I concentrated on picking views that appealed to me.


On the way back to the hotel at the end of the first day, it started to rain - again. And of course, I had to wait for every crosswalk. Good thing, as at one of the intersections a couple of Boston's fire trucks came by and turned down the street at the intersection I was attempting to cross. I would have loved to have stayed around and taken a few more photos of the trucks, but the rain was falling more heavily as the time progressed, and I didn't want to get soaked. Especially without an umbrella.


I stayed in the hotel until the rain finally stopped falling, then went out into the wet and darkening evening. The light was interesting, and the wet added a reflective surface to the streets and sidewalks.


The mix of lights, of late evening and artificial, added a certain interest to the alleyways between buildings.



As the evening got later, the outside grew darker, enhancing the artificial light, making it appear more colorful at times, or more dramatic.

I photographed until I ran the battery dry. Then I went and got a bite for supper.


Not much more to say than I used the E-P2 with the 17mm. Although the E-P2 is not an E-3, it did survive getting rained on. I even wound up with droplets on the front element of the 17mm, which I'm sure added something to the photograph.

The forecast calls for more rain tomorrow. I've got an umbrella and a plan to photograph regardless of the weather.


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