Now it's Wednesday in Boston

After spending the last two days somehow convinced I was living one day in the future, it's good to be back, temporally speaking, with the rest of the World. And the World rewarded me in Boston by pushing out the rain and delivering a rather sunny day. Cold and windy, but still, sunny.


I delivered my presentation at the SIW this morning. Twice. In two different venues. I guess what I had to say was considered of interest. Before each presentation, I watched the room fill with folks. I then stood up and, with 19 slides and 25 minutes I gave a fast-paced jam-packed delivery, trying not to just read the slides but actually say something useful. At the end I'd get a few questions, polite applause, and then a number of folks who filed in would file right back out. Modeling and simulation folks make for an interesting crowd. At least they were polite and didn't throw things.


With the rainy weather gone, the skies were partly cloudy and delivered yet another kind of light to illuminate Boston. As I mentioned earlier the wind was rather brisk and cold. And I've discovered something about business attire.

My ensemble this week has been slacks, jacket, sleeveless pullover sweater on top of a long-sleeve dress shirt. If I hadn't been wearing that I would have been chilled to the bone. Which gives some idea as to the practical reasons working males have chosen such classic clothing for so long. Even the tire I wore had a practical use; it kept the cold air from blowing into my collar and down my neck. It's too bad I don't have a photo of me in all my sartorial splendor. I really do clean up nicely.


This time I spent a bit more time in the Wharf District Park and the little part of the harbor that's next to it. Boston has done a beautiful job here.



In the end I walked back to my hotel room on School street, to read and recharge and get a bite of supper.


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