Sunday Stroll

Moon over Golds

I once read a bit of Wisdom in an Internet forum. Unfortunately I forgot to mark that day on my calendar. "Shoot what's in front of you" the Wise Poster posted. So today, after working outside around the house because the temperature and humidity were unusually low, I went out to pick up[1] a cheap meal for supper and make some cheap photos.

All of these were taken as JPEGs, and the only post processing was to scale them down. Well, two of them I darkened a bit. Bottom line is none of them came out raw. I set the E-P2's picture mode to vivid and played with the exposure compensation where needed across several exposures to eventually achieve the look I wanted.

Tree with Yellow Curb

Up to this point I've been a slave to post-processing, just like I used to be a slave to the darkroom decades ago. As just was I did back then, I've reached a point of saturation where I feel the need to back away from all the time spent in post.

I've also reached the point where I want to start using the E-P2 again. The E-1 and the E-3 are fine cameras and produce remarkable results, but the E-P2 can do a lot as well, in a much smaller package. And I like the JPEG results straight out of the E-P2 better than I do out of either the E-1 or the E-3.

And it keeps going up

All of these were taken with the stock 14-42 kit lens. I love the results and find it remarkable that a 'mere' kit lens can produce results rivaling what I can achieve with my HG lenses.


Sneaking Through the Trees

Low Prices

The "Low Prices" photo is interesting because of all the straight lines. Allowing the camera to produce the image means it compensates for distortions such that straight lines come out straight. I applied a very small amount of picture straightening so that the lines at the top were parallel to the picture edge. I did no other post processing to make those lines straight. If I had processed these as RAW then I would have had to manipulate them more in Lightroom to remove any pin-cushioning and/or barrel distortion. The fact that the image processor in the E-P2 can do this for me is one more powerful reason to just photograph in highest resolution JPEG rather than RAW.

[1] Note how I resisted using the word 'get'.


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