Contemplative Monday

Backyard Orchids 1

Backyard Orchids 2

The Roots

Normally I'd start my post chatter towards the top, but today I decided to lead off with the photos and let them speak for themselves. The top two are hybrid Phalaenopsis orchids that my parents sent my wife back in 2008 when she had her left knee replaced. I have others growing in the back, but these I keep going because I think they're so beautiful. I had more last year, but the season was really hot and I wound up loosing a few to root rot. Maybe this year I can pick up a few extra. The photos were taken with the Olympus E-1 and the Zuiko Digital 50mm macro at f/2, or wide open.

The bottom photo I found on an oak in the parking lot where I work. I don't know why I took it, but I did, using the Sigma 30mm 1:1.4 closed down to f/2. I liked the bit of green against the dark mass of the roots, as if to show that life isn't afraid to grow anywhere.

Common themes among the images were bokeh and f/2. I like my out of focus areas to be subtle and contribute to the mood, not just some effect to add to a photo for the sake of the effect. I like my images sharp, an attitude influenced by my poor eyesight. There's nothing worse than when I misplace my glasses and I really can't see.

I don't know how long I can keep up this contemplative photographic streak. But I hope it sticks around for a while longer. I need it for my personal mental health.


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