MD 2011

Mothers Day Sushi

We celebrated a somewhat non-traditional Mother's Day today. First, we sent to see "Rio", where I got to listen to Jesse Eisenberg do voice work as Blu, a Spix's Macaw. I kept imagining this mash-up where Blu started repeating Columbus' lines from "Zombieland", especially all the Rules of Zombieland ("Rule #4: Double tap: If you think it's dead, one more makes 100% sure.") I would have much preferred to watch "Thor", but this was Mother's Day, so I pretended I was watching a cartoon movie about zombie tropical birds in Brazil.

After the movie Megs took us downtown to a local restaurant, Bikkuri Sushi. Megs has developed a varied and sophisticated taste for local restaurants in Tallahassee. She believes strongly in supporting local restaurants instead of the chains. She brought that home with her. She discovered Bikkuri earlier in the week when she went out with some of her friends for dinner. It's got a very large menu, so I was able to order something Japanese that wasn't sushi. Meg's and Mom ordered okonomiyaki with chicken, while I stayed safe with fried rice with shrimp. The meals were good, and I even liked the bits that Meg's and Mom gave me of their meal to sample.


Lulu wished Mom a happy Mother's Day. Lulu appreciates who fills her food bowl and takes care of her litter box.

300 Chiropractors

On the way back from Bikkuri's I happened to pass this particular business. As a residual from watching today's movie I immediately thought of "300". Since it was Sunday I didn't see anybody running around in leather thongs. Good thing, I guess.

Next to Bikkuri's is an empty Tire Kingdom. So I stopped and took a few quick photos because I liked the light.

Closed Tire Kingdom
Close Tire Kingdom Back
Closed Tire Kingdom

It's going to be a busy week next week. Meg's is only going to be around one more week before she heads back to Tallahassee and works at the SLC for the summer. She's got three hours left her Florida Prepaid, so she might take a three-hour course as well. Primarily she's writing resumes and spending time looking for a job. I'm going to try to work at home as much as possible before she leaves.


Everything taken with the Olympus E-1 with Sigma 30mm 1:1.4.


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