Late Night Pickups

Night Lights - The Mall at Millenia

My wife got a call from the Apple Store telling her that her Mackbook was repaired, so we headed over to The Mall at Millenia to pick it up. Purchased back in 2008, it's been pretty heavily treated for the last three years.

This little adventure started because the Macbook's second charger was begging to loose electrical connectivity at the plug that fits into the side of the Macbook. As a consequence it wasn't charging the battery the way that it should. My youngest went to the Apple Store and was sold the latest style of charger, and was assured by the Apple Store staff that this would fit my wife's Macbook. And as is to so typical, it didn't. So she and my wife went back to the store with both chargers and the Macbook to get things sorted out.

When they got there the Apple Store staff looked at my wife's Macbook and told her that they could fix the broken shell of computer where the keyboard is located. It seems that that part of the Macbook isn't supposed to break, so they offered to repair it for free. It took them two days to repair the Macbook and get it back to her. They also found the proper charger to fit her Macbook.

It was late enough that I decided to go off with the E-P2 with am OM 50mm attached to it, just to see what I could photograph. As we all arrived it was 8:15pm local time, and the sun was almost completely set.

Later, as we were leaving the Apple Store and headed over to Tutti Frutti for a big frozen yogurt desert, I decided to see how certain lit objects would appear. Sometimes, it's just fun to photograph the weird stuff, just to see how it turns out. And for the practice.

Night Lights - Johnny Rockets

Night Lights - Tutti Frutti


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