Fedora 14, Android Development, and udev Rules

In my last post I wrote about the issues I was having with adb (Android Debug Bridge) running with ddms (Dalvik Debug Monitor Server). I no longer have the problem.

It turns out that the udev rule in 51-android.rules is needed, but it needs to be written for Fedora, not Ubuntu, or at least not as documented on Google's Android site. Here's the rule I'm currently using with this system:


I know this line works because I was tailing /var/log/messages and watching what udevd spit out every time I would make a change to 51-android.rules. If the rule was bad I would get a rule error or warning. I've also rebooted the system a number of times and brought it up cold to check the system out by looking for devices without the phone plugged in to plugging the phone in and checking each individual Android SDK subsystem to make sure they perform as expected. And now they all do.

With this line in 51-android.rules there is no need to perform, as root, an adb kill-server followed by an adb start server. Now, if I bring up ddms first and plug in the phone or have it plugged in already, then ddms properly displays the Android device information. Life is good. Time to move on to something productive.


Nothing especially fabulous. Just quickly created a virtual device to act as my HTC myTouch development sandbox. With all the windows floating around on the desktop, some of the Compiz extensions help in finding things on the desktop (even though this isn't nearly as crowded as it could get, and I'm not using all my available desktops). And, yes, it looks cool.


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