Live Blog, la Deuxième Partie: The Rapture

  • 5:20pm - We just got back from "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." Ian McShane is Blackbeard and chewed up quite a bit of the scenery as he went swashbuckling about the movie. He was, unfortunately, about the only character to show any lively personality; everybody else seemed to be sleepwalking through by-now very familiar motions. With the notable exception of Judy Dench Perhaps they realized the movie would be released on the day of the rapture, and so they decided it didn't matter. Yet another sign of the apocalypse?

    As I see it, I've got just 40 minutes left (whoops, just 30 minutes now) before Something Happens.

  • 8:00pm - I've not been feeling well today, almost like a summer cold. Minor headache, joint ache, some nausea, and fatigue. So I sat in my big chair after getting home from the movie and fell asleep. And slept right through the End of the World As We Know It. The channels on the tele are still broadcasting, and there are no breaking news stories about apocalyptic happenings or people being raptured away, no vehicles out of control because their drivers/pilots/whatever were suddenly gone. Just the same old, same old. Which is really bad considering the SyFy channel, the worse cable channel in existence, is still in existence. I would have done just about anything, even partaken in an apocalypse, just to see the SyFy channel fall into the fiery hell it so richly deserves.
Well, off to get some soup or something similar. I have this cold to take care of. Instead of out with a bang, it's off to bed with a whimper.


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