Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saturation Wednesday

Regal Cinemas 20 - Waterford Lakes

I know what I wrote yesterday. How I was going to Be Good and take the results strictly out of the camera. But not tonight. Tonight I worked with the E-P2's RAW files in Lightroom 3 and applied Color Creative - Direct Positive, pulling exposure back a bit and applying (in some cases) Edge Effects - PC Vignette 1. I'm sure there's a setting somewhere in the E-P2 that can give me this same effect within the camera, and I'll look for it. Tomorrow.

The results I got using Lightroom were the colors and light that I felt and imagined I saw in my mind's eye. The cloud-flecked saturated blue sky contrasting with the bold and bright colors on the theater. The M.Zuiko 9-18mm gave me the look I wanted as well as the snap and sharpness to begin with. Both the regular 4/3rds and the native µ4/3rds 9-18mm are made for architecture, for capturing sweeping vistas. I tend to treat the 9-18mm not so much as an ultra-wide angle zoom than as an ultra wide-angle prime 9mm lens that can occasionally be used at 18mm.

Regal Cinemas 20 - Waterford Lakes

Regal Cinemas 20 - Waterford Lakes

Regal Cinemas 20 - Waterford Lakes

At 18mm, combined with its close focusing capabilities, the M.Zuiko can be pressed into service as an impromptu macro. Or at least get close enough to the subject to pick out interesting details.

Waterford Lakes Wall Wide

I'm beginning to enjoy using this zoom range again. It's been too long since I last used the regular 4/3rds version of this lens. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to use.

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