A new µ4/3rds lens

Yesterday I took responsibility for a new M.Zuiko 9-18mm µ4/3rds lens. It's now firmly mounted to the front of my E-P2, and it will stay there for the next three weeks. I'm in the process of using it and pulling material together to write review, not for my blog, but for another new review site. When it's ready I'll post a link to it here as well as on Matthew's Reviews. In the mean time, I will be posting some of the images from the E-P2 and the 9-18mm.

All of the images, starting with these two, will be JPEGs out of the camera. There will be no post-processing except to resize.

Angles and Sky

I've configured the E-P2 to produce both a RAW and a large super-fine JPEG image for each exposure. The reason for doing this is to compare what the camera produces in JPEG vs. what is produced in the RAW file. In particular I wanted to see if there was any difference with regards to distortion (barrel and pincushion). There isn't any.

Parking Lot Sunset

Another concern I have is with flair. Olympus is shipping its µ4/3rds lenses without lens hoods. Based on my limited use, I can't see that it matters. I'll have more to say and more examples in the review.


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