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Orange County Speed Trap 5 May 2011
Coming off the 408 and onto Challenger Blvd

Yep. Coming into work this morning, Orange County's finest decided to set up a speed trap at a brand new intersection that was opened the day before. Why? Because the traffic goes from 55 to 35 in less than a block, and the 35 posting is right at the new light. So commuters have no idea what they're about to hit, so to speak, because the end of the hightway into a blvd (the eastern end of the 408 into Challenger Blvd) has been open for over 10 years. And in one day, all that changes.

And so our Orange County Sheriff's department thinks it's great fun to set up a radar speed trap and pick off all the unsuspecting drivers. And least they weren't at their normal spot at the intersection of Quadrangle and Corporate Blvd.

As I've said so many times before on my blog, this isn't about making the roads safer. This is about legal highway robbery. I hope somebody takes Orange County to court over this. If you're reading this and you need additional photographic evidence of this kind of abuse of power, let me know. I'll give you everything I've got going back to 2009.

At the end of the day I went down that new side road, an extension of Woodbury that connects Challenger with 50 and then crosses 50 to go in back of Waterford Lakes. Right on Woodbury is the Firken and Kegler Family Entertainment Center. And they've got this big, red, dilapidated double-decker bus sitting next to the place. And that's where I stopped today with the E-1 and the 12-60mm and ran a few through a few exposures.

Red Bus Top

Red Bus Head On

Driver's Side Steering Wheel

Red Bus Left Side

Happy 5th of May.


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