Contemplative Tuesday

Outdoor Orchids 3


Another crazy working day. Trying to get the last annoyances with a Fedora 14 installation on my old Latitude D630 notebook worked out. Working on a new project since one of my current projects has hit a rather sizable project roadblock due to the color of the money being used. Got one of my many government forms of contractor identification renewed. And then I came home to work in relative peace and quiet.

Then we had a light shower, and I went out looked around. The orchids were sprinkled on, but the sycamore near the trunk wasn't touched. Sycamores have a thick crown of leaves in the summer that require a fairly heavy shower over a fairly long time to reach through.

I also liked the markings on the sycamore's trunk. They remind me of old sixteenth century maps of the world.

Everything photographed with the grand old E-1 and the Zuiko Digital 50mm Macro.


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