May Final

May has been quite the month. It opened May 2nd with the death of Osama bin Laden and ends with the crew of space shuttle Endeavour readying a final return from orbit for themselves and their space craft. In between I've watched Japan slowly recovering from the April earthquake and tsunami and the subsequent nuclear breach at Fukushima, major flooding up and down the Mississippi, tornadoes and their aftermath in Joplin, the continuing Arab Spring, the rise and collapse of the price of oil and the continuing rise of gas prices, Newt Gingrich announce his presidential run for 2012, only to implode over comments where he labeled Rep. Paul Ryan's proposed budget as "radical" and "right-wing social engineering." Unfortunately he's correct.

Ike Pope

Other news that caught my ear and my eye that was released over the last 48 hours concerns the record amount of CO2 we dumped into the atmosphere and the accelerating economic chaos in Europe, issues that will have an impact on my children, one of whom turned 25 today.

What will my girls face over the next 25 years? And their children? Memorial Day was yesterday. What will we say to all those who died for us if we let everything they made the ultimate sacrifice for go to hell in a hand basket?


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