Win another, Lose another

Another day of winning and losing. Just like yesterday, we'll start with who lost first. A little over a week ago I wondered how long Extreme Pita at the University Shoppes was going to stay in business when I bought my first Jersey Mike's sub. Today I went out to get a vegi Extreme Pita, only to discover the front door locked and the lights out. I have to admit Extreme Pita's closure happened a lot sooner than I anticipated.

Extreme Pita locked front door

Extreme Pita interior

Extreme Pita

Today's "winners" are all the construction workers building new roads, such as this new road being cut north-south across L.B. McLeod just east of where L.B. McLeod dead-ends into Kirkman. This appears to be part of the road work being done all around Orlando (primarily the tole roads); according to the Orlando Sentinel, up to 10,000 local construction jobs are being supported by all this work.

New road construction

When complete, the north end of the new road will at least connect with Arnold Palmer drive. Where the south end connects I can't figure out from the map.


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