The Tuesday after DST

My luck from Monday continued on through Tuesday as my notebook, a Dell Latitude vintage 2008, finally started to fall apart (literally). Fortunately the company supplied me with a new replacement today, another Dell Latitude, the E6510. The new machine came with an Intel i7, 4GB of DRAM, a 128GB SSD, and Windows 7 64-bit. It's a bit of a performance shock to go from the little dually I had to this screaming beast. It took the entire day to move the contents of my old Dell to this new one, and I mean over eight hours. And I've still got some missing applications that need re-installation.

While I was waiting for the new machine to become fully prepped, I stayed in the lab, my backup drive hooked into one of the lab's Windows machine, and tried to get some decent work done there. I was going to be good and eat lunch in the office, but I decided to go get a sub and Jimmy Johns and enjoy the continuing nice weather.

Most of what follows is from the lunch walk-about, except for the last, which was taken on the way home. All of them were taken with the Olympus E-1 with the Zuiko Digital 12-60mm. And all of them were post-processed on the new machine using a fresh install of Lightroom 3.3.

Marine Sarcasm

First bike details

Second bike details

Waiting for my JJBLT


I can't get over how good the E-1's images are under the right lighting. I love the colors that come out of the Kodak sensor. The Zuiko HG lens really makes a difference in how good the images look. Makes me wonder how all my lenses would perform on an E-5 body.


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