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PVC Crosses

You can tell the start of Lent by the collections of PVC crosses that spring up like mushrooms around the Orlando area. This group is along stretch of Apopka Vineland where Holy Trinity Catholic Church is located. And to show I'm not just picking on the Catholics, I have a similar photo from 18 January when the First Baptists decided to plant a few PVC crosses of their own.

Field of Crosses (18/365)

I know why they're there; the Abortion Issue. Year after year, decade after decade, I and countless others keep seeing the same cheap PVC symbols sprouting up around the country, usually around Easter, to remind us about the Evils of Abortion.

And many, if not most, just keep driving by on their way to ... whatever.

Driving By

It's a shame we don't support children after they're born with the same fervor shown before they're born. All that effort to protect them in the womb, only to slowly forget about them after birth.

Far too many get to look forward to poverty, to being victims of child abuse and pedophilia. We let our elected officials demonise some of the very people who could give them their best chance at a future; teachers.

And we let those self-same self-righteous elected officials gut the educational system, from kindergarten through the state college system, to help balance the budget, while giving out tax breaks to further bankrupt the system, starting the cycle anew.

Then we send all our jobs overseas to cheaper labor markets, leaving them with scant chances to find a decent job here. And then those self-same elected officials demonize them further because they're 'too lazy to find a job', and then punish them some more by severely cutting back unemployment insurance benefits.

If those kids could know what their lot would be after they were born, it wouldn't surprise me if they didn't find a way to self-abort.


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