Round Trip Whirlwind

Rushing Down The Road

Today was the start of Daylight Savings time. It was also the day I took my youngest back to FSU for the rest of her spring term.

DST had its usual negative impact on me. I'm always something of a mess the first week of DST until my circadian rhythm comes back into sync. Driving round trip to Tallahassee and back on the first day wasn't wonderful either. As a consequence I let my daughter drive us up, which gave me time to become fully aware enough to drive back home.

The Proud Artiste

Meanwhile, up in Tallahassee, Moby, the 1994 Volvo 940 wagon, is still undergoing "whale-i-fication". That's where small plastic whale and sailing ship toys purchased at a local dollar store are slowly attached around the interior of the car. There's also some special interior painting taking place; hopefully enough of it will be done for a further photo essay later this spring.

Two Thumbs Up

We didn't have enough time to spend traveling Florida's back roads on another photographic safari like we did a week ago. Maybe next trip...


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