Shovel ready Saturday

Construction area with crane
Construction area with crane

There's obviously more to Orlando than store closings. There are various ongoing construction projects, some of them close to where I live. This particular one is next to I-4 at the I-4/Sandlake Road intersection. While everything I've seen built to date has used tilt-wall or cinder block construction, this job is one serious notch up with its on-site crane and the cast concrete with re-bar columns. I have no idea what's going in here, but whatever it is the design calls for some serious load-bearing construction.

Rebar and concrete forms
Detail of the cast concrete and re-bar columns.

Crane detail
Base of the on-site crane.

It will be interesting to see what rises from this. There's a much larger job on the east side of Orlando where I work, with a much larger crane in use. That site is building a multi-story garage. I'm almost certain this site will produce a combination garage and office/store complex.


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