Gas prices too high? Revisiting an old post

Back in April 2006 I wrote a bit of sensationalist tripe about how much more awful the price of a gallon of gas in England was compared to the US. With the recent relentless rise in prices, gas in Orlando now hovers between $3.50/gallon unleaded and $3.60/gallon unleaded; at the time I wrote the 2006 article it had not yet broken the $3/gallon mark.

Gas Prices, Live Oak, Florida
Gas prices, Live Oak, Florida - 4 March 2011

Recently, whilst cruising the BBC website, I came across an article where the English are concerned about petrol hitting 130p (£1.30)/liter. A quick bit of math (1 US gallon = 3.785 liters) and an equivalent US gallon costs 492p, or $7.90 based on today's exchange rates. A gallon of petrol in England is now a $1 more/gallon than it was in 2006.

I feel sorry for the English, especially the regular working types. I can't imagine the kinds of pressures such prices are putting on budgets. I'd also like to apologize to any English readers who come across that old post; I made it sound like it was some terrible place to live, and it's not. If anything, we Americans owe what we are to the English (most notably the Scots), and from a personal perspective my wife and I would love to visit England, Scotland, and Wales to experience first hand the historical and cultural treasures of that part of the world.

High petroleum prices here, in England, and in many other places around the world, go to underscore how desperately we need a better way to power our civilization in a sustainable way. We need to collectively overcome this challenge, or it will slowly grind us all down.


  1. Hi

    don't feel bad, I've visited the UK and have friends working there ... it is a very hard place to live in. But then if you've only lived there you just don't know that.

  2. New Zealand $2.15.9 (so it may as well be $2.16) per litre, except in Christchurch which is still recovering from the earthquake and its $2.10

  3. In Denmark it's the equivalent of USD 2.23 per litre. You americans have it good still, even if it doesn't feel like it. Stupidly enough though the most expensive cars here to buy are the ones that do not guzzle gas. You would think the danish government would give some sort of incentive to buy eco-friendly cars, but no...they just want to get as much taxes in as possible!


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