Traveling vicariously

When I got home today I discovered I'd gotten a postcard from China. It was sent by Paul (right) who normally lives in L.A. I got to know Paul by working with him professionally on a very large program that included my company as well as his. I first met him when he traveled to a meeting we both attended here in Orlando. That's when I found out that Paul spent as much time on travel as he did at home. I later 'returned' the favor by traveling to his home base in Huntington Beach to attend yet another meeting (again with him and about 30 others).

Paul is currently visiting his son Ryan, who's living and working in China at the moment. The picture at the right is Paul's first Chinese chicken foot. That came April 1st as an email attachment (figures).

Here's hoping Paul and family are having a good time, and I hope he and his wife get back home safe and sound.


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