I'm not the only one disappointed with the Nokia 770

I feel vindicated. Rob Pegoraro of the Washington Post wrote "It Does Little, and Not Very Well" in which he described his experiences with a demo unit. Everything that I've complained about, from crashing the OS to crashing the web browser to WiFi non-connectivity issues to poor performance to how it compares poorly to other solutions are covered (again) in detail. The one exception I have is to his complaint about the RS-MMC card. I did manage to find a 512MB RS-MMC card at Newegg for $25. And it's a good thing I bought it when I did because just checking back shows they don't even have that in stock any more.

The end of the article pretty much sums up the current state of the Nokia 770:
It's not as if the Nokia 770 will be the first portable gadget somebody buys. It's going to have to earn its way into pockets, purses, bags and backpacks already occupied by phones, Palm or Pocket PC handhelds, iPods, Sony PSP or Nintendo DS game machines or laptops -- often, more than one of those. With that competition, a 770 will probably land in a different place: the shelf.
Worst tech of 2006 (so far)


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