Colin Powell finally speaks out

I've kept my thoughts to myself while the retired generals were taking swipes at the Bush administration over the handling of the Iraq war. Frankly, I didn't know enough about the military or the culture to know how to interpret the back-and-forth except as internal fighting. But now comes word that Colin Powell has gone public with criticism of planning before the war, specifically that there were not enough troops sent to Iraq to oust Hussein and then keep the peace.

Powell is a huge critic to have on your hands. It was Powell who stood before the U.N. with what he said was evidence of Iraq's WMD capabilities. As we all know since then, very little, if any, WMDs were ever found in Iraq. Powell, ever the loyal soldier, always backed Bush while Secretary of State, and kept quiet long after he left. But now he's opened up a bit, and it's going to get very interesting as this latest criticism reverberates around Washington and around the world. I'm just wondering what else he'll say in the future.


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