I sue dead people...

It had to happen. The RIAA, driven by greedy stupid bastards, finally decided to sue the deceased for pirating music. From an article by the same name on arstechnica:
The RIAA's ongoing campaign to stamp out file trading by suing consumers is old news. But when details of one of their latest lawsuits became public, it was too good to pass up. A suit filed recently in US District Court named 83-year-old Gertrude Walton as a defendant, accusing her of serving up over 700 songs onto peer-to-peer networks. Now, the RIAA has gone after grandmothers before. In 2003, they mistakenly targeted a 66-year-old woman for allegedly sharing gangsta rap. But this case goes a bit further, as Mrs. Walton actually passed away in December 2004.
I just hope that arstechnica doesn't sue me for nicking their title for my posting.


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