NetBeans 6 smoke test

NetBeans development continues. There are currently two development branches, one for version 5.5 and the other for version 6. Version 5.5 adds support for J2EE development, for which I'm not all that interested. Version 6 looks to be the next Really Big Release. I downloaded the NetBeans 6 QBuild released on 3/29/2006 and installed it.

When I first started NetBeans 6 it imported my NetBeans 5 development configuration without asking and without any problems. That's nice. NetBeans 6 starts up fast, faster than NetBeans 5. That's also nice. NetBeans 6 appears to operate better with Java 6 beta 2. Version 6 looks so good that, barring any major problems, I'll switch over to in the next few days. I want to test with some of my other projects under NetBeans 6 just to make sure everything works as it should. But so far NetBeans 6 seems more than adequate to work with on a daily basis. Many thanks to the NetBeans development team.


  1. Does it feature the same GUI builder as in 5.x?

  2. It still does not feature the Visual web pack and enterprise plugin. These may be important to a lot of developers.

  3. If that's the case then they can still use 5.5 and the soon-to-be-released 5.5.1. 6 is still in heavy development.


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