New ATI driver for Linux

ATI has just released their latest set of drivers for various operating system. The one for Linux is version 8.24.8 and was released April 12th. What's been added for this release is support for Mobility Radeon X1300 to X1800, as well as desktop versions of Radeon X1300 to X1900. This support has been a long time in coming, especially on the desktop side. Support for X1n00 hardware for Windows has been available since last year when the series was first introduced. The lack of support for Mobility Radeon chips greater than X700 was the reason I got an nVidia Go 7800 video card for my current notebook. Support for that chip was out-of-the-box for SuSE 10.1 Beta 9 as well as Ubuntu Dapper Drake Alpha 6. That's a far cry from having to boot into crippled mode and then installing a kernel driver to get both 2D and 3D hardware support.


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