Another round trip to Tallahassee

I picked up Lauran from FSU Friday so she could be home with us this Easter. I traveled up to Tallahassee with her young sister, Megan, going along to keep the old man awake so I wouldn't have an accident by falling asleep and running off the road. Megan started the trip off by reading from "Unusually Stupid Americans". I enjoyed the section on stupid cars, especially the Pacer, the Hornet, and the Pinto. Problem is I was in my late teens to mid 20s when those cars were out (the 70's essentially). And my family owned a Pinto. My dad purchased one of the earliest models with an Opel engine in it. It eventually wound up being my younger brother's car.

We picked up Lauran and grabbed a bite to eat at the local Wendy's right across the street from FSU on Tennessee, right between Mike's Beer Barn (with drive-through service) and the local porn establishment known as Rick's Toy Box. It's the perfect stop for the harried FSU student. Cheap beer, cheap food, and cheap sex all next to each other and conveniently across the street from school.

We got back on the round around 3pm and headed back to Orlando. I stopped at a local BP to get another half tank of gas. The gas in Tallahassee was 20 cents more per gallon than in Orlando. I had topped out the tank that morning before heading north. I wanted to make sure I had plenty to get back with. And it was a good thing I did, because we came to a halt on the turnpike headed south right at the I-75 turnoff. Apparently there was a tangle between a motorcyclist and a car "involving injuries." I didn't stay on long enough to rubberneck at the bloody wreck. We got off at the Wildwood ramp before we passed the wreck. We detoured for about 30 miles in the general direction we wanted to head, getting back on the turnpike at US 27 (Leesburg). We finally hit the home front at 8:30pm, and chowed down on some pizza Judy had picked up for us.


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