Zoning Out

Zoning outIt's December. The year has been moving relentlessly towards this day, just like it has for all other days of the year, and through all the days to come. Time does march on.

I commute a considerable distance. I wish I could get all those years back I've spent commuting. How much richer my life might have been had it not be stuck behind the wheel.

Those days when I can telecommute, when I can get up and dress and immediately start to work are special days, real gems of productivity. I start the day rested and clear-headed, without the stress of having to drive from the south-west side of Orlando to Research Park near UCF.

At this time of the year the days are getting shorter and shorter. When I leave at my usual time the "golden hour" has already started. The colors are warmer, the light more diffuse. As a consequence the mundane landscapes with its cars look a little better. If I sit back in the drivers seat and let my eyes drift out of focus, it looks almost peaceful.

Two WorldsI'd stop my car, get out, and spend a few moments contemplating our paved-over landscape except I'd get a lot of angry stares, dirty words and gestures, and probably worse. No, it's best to play games with the scene and the camera while stopped, then move on when the light turns green.

I spend too much time in the car. You'd think that the car was the dominant life form with me just some sort of parasite in the middle. You're familiar with the common science fiction trope of mistaking the dominant lifeform of a planet; I'm often reminded of why Ford Prefect is named Ford Prefect. Whatever...

I've hit something of a low point, what with the lingering pain in my left knee. Nothing to wail on about, but it's a constant low-level reminder. What's worse, there are times of the day when it seems my left knee is almost back to normal, until it hits that odd point where bone touches bone and a nice sharp pain goes shooting through my leg.

It's the start of the Christmas season for me. I deliberately stayed away from stores (had no choice really, what with the gimpy leg) and stayed away from any of the so-called cyber sales. I'd rather save money and invest it than constantly find ways to blow it. I make the perfect Scrooge, don't I?

As for photography I think I'm moving towards the deliberately blurry look like the first photo. Lots of light, lots of color, but very abstract. Perhaps there's a name for these types of images, besides blurry crap.


  1. Sounds like what an aunt (born 1940) has with her wrists - the "grease" is missing, so it's bone against bone, very painful.

    Oh, and I like both of these photos.


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