The Dreary Inn

Drury Inn and Suites Corner View

I've been watching this heap go up since the first of the year. It's being built by/for the Drury Inn. Its location is at a very complex and crowded intersection of Sand Lake and Turkey Lake Roads, just west of I-4. I don't know what's up with this building, but I've never seen any multi-story building go up as slow or look as ugly as this one. And today, when I drove past on the way for my weekly grocery run, with the dark clouds in back and the lowering sun in the front, it looked like a set piece for a post-apocalyptic movie.

Dirty white exterior insulation with dried adhesive drips everywhere, and many of the windows boarded over.

Once this place is complete and opened in 2012, the traffic through this one particular spot is going to be unbelievable. Talk about poor urban planning.

Construction area with crane

It was a nicely wooded lot until some time in February when they knocked it all down. By March they had a crane on the site and were beginning to work on the first floor and foundation for the rest of the building.

A mess of leaking adhesive

As construction progressed they built out the interior and then started to add the exterior walls and windows. When they added that exterior wall the whole building started to look truly ugly.

The latest photo at the top was taken with the Olympus E-3 and the 12-60mm. The middle was taken with the E-1 and the 12-60mm, while the bottom was taken with the E-P2 and the Sigma 30mm with an adapter.


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