The Pinky Pigs

Beware the Pig
There are two lonely Pinky Pigs in this household.

Two Pinky Pigs that we purchased as piggy banks for our girls when the girls were a pair of pink-cheeked tots.

The stood happily in the girl's room for many years, accepting pennies and nickles and dimes, along with the occasional quarters, filling up slowly until such time as the girls decided their particular pig was full enough. Then the pigs were excitedly opened and the collected treasure would spill forth into eager little hands to be tallied and spent.

But the girls grew older and their habits changed and they reached a point where they no longer dropped change into the Pinky Pigs to build up collections of coins for the purchase of personal treasures.

They started to work part time, earning dollars that were directly deposited into personal bank accounts. And the Pinky Pigs went up on shelves to be eventually forgotten. But not the lesson  the Pinky Pigs taught, the lesson to save.

The Pinky Pigs now wait with infinite patience for some new little boy or girl to use them as personal banks, and to learn all over again the value of saving. To adopt them so they won't be lonely. They wait quietly and with great dignity. All they ask for is a small spot to stand attention at until such time as they'll be called upon again. And to be dusted off every once in a while. For in spite of what you may have heard, pigs, even Pinky Pigs, and especially pink piggy bank pigs, are very fastidious.


  1. Aah. Piggy banks. Quiet fastidious dignity. They don't speculate on worthless ventures and they don't keep any of your money for themselves. Is there a lesson here somewhere :-)


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