At Work with Linux: Looking Around OpenSUSE 12.1

OpenSUSE 12.1 64-bit with Marble Virtual Globe 1.2.2

One reason OpenSUSE is installed is as a platform for Marble Virtual Globe. Marble comes fully installed with OpenSUSE 12.1. I've been working to have it interpret Google Earth KML that another application in the lab generates so that Marble can be an alternative to Google Earth (but not replace Google Earth). Google Earth, Nasa's World Wind, and Marble Virtual Globe are the three primary earth visualization tools we are interested in.

In addition I finally installed Google Chrome on this system. That turned out to be more of a trial than I was expecting. It started when I downloaded the Google Chrome RPM for Fedora/OpenSUSE. I tried to install the RPM immediately after I downloaded it, but installation failed because OpenSUSE 12.1 wasn't LSB 4 or later compliant.

I then turned to the repositories. From the repositories you can either install Chromium or Chrome. Chromium stands at beta version 17, while stable Chrome stands at version 7 (at this point in time). Being lazy I installed the repository version of Chrome from Google first to pick up all the dependencies and then installed the downloaded deb:
  1. Open a Konsole, stay in the home (login) directory
  2. Run command: sudo zypper ar`uname -i` google-chrome
  3. Run command: sudo zypper in google-chrome-stable
  4. Run command: sudo rpm -Uhv Downloads/google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm
After that I had the latest stable Google Chrome (version 15 and change). We'll just have to see if it gets automatically updated from the Google mothership. Another experiment...


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