Can't Tell The Players Without A Scorecard: Florida Politics 2012

I'm the Decider. At least I am in my own little microverse. Most of the time. Today I have decided to track all the Florida federal senators and representatives of both parties. They all need to be kept an eye on. As time goes on I'll use this list to track their use and abuse of power at the federal level. As for the state senate and house, I don't see much use at the moment. They're a rubber-stamp for Scott (or is Scott a rubber-stamp for them? Who can tell?).

Florida Representation as of December 2011
Governor, Federal Senators and Representatives Only
NameElected OfficeParty Affiliation
Rick ScottGovernorRepublican
Jennifer CarrollLieutenant GovernorRepublican
Bill Nelson Sr.SenateDemocrat
Marco RubioSenateRepublican
Sandy AdamsHouse (Orlando)Republican
Gus BilirakisHouse (Palm Harbor)Republican
Corrine BrownHouse (Jacksonville)Democrat
Vern BuchananHouse (Longboat Key)Republican
Kathy CastorHouse (Tampa)Democrat
Ander CrenshawHouse (Jacksonville)Republican
Ted DeutchHouse (Boca Raton)Democrat
Mario Diaz-BalartHouse (Miami)Republican
Alcee Hastings Sr.House (Miramar)Democrat
Connie Mach IVHouse (Ft. Myers)Republican
John MicaHouse (Winter Park)Republican
Jeff MillerHouse (Chumuckla)Republican
Richard NugentHouse (Chumuckla)Republican
Bill PoseyHouse (Rockledge)Republican
David RiveraHouse (Miami)Republican
Thomas J. RooneyHouse (Tequesta)Republican
Ileana Ros-LehtinenHouse (Miami)Republican
Dennis RossHouse (Lakeland)Republican
Steve SoutherlandHouse (Panama City)Republican
Cliff StearnsHouse (Ocala)Republican
Debbie Wasserman SchultzHouse (Weston)Democrat
Daniel WebsterHouse (Orlando)Republican
Allen WestHouse (Orlando)Republican
Frederica WilsonHouse (Miami)Democrat
C. W. Bill YoungHouse (Indian Rocks Beach)Republican

Florida has 25 representatives at this point  in time, only six of which are Democrats. It will be interesting to see how long that imbalance lasts, especially with the insane antics the Republican party is currently performing as part of its 2012 Political Theater. And of course, due to the census, Florida is supposed to add two new seats to the federal house. That is, assuming the shenanigans involving re-drawing of district lines by the Republican controlled state house will ever finish and see the light of day.

2012 is going to be an interesting year.


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