The Hue and Cry over Carrier IQ

To hear the infinite echo chamber known as the Internet, the fine folks at Carrier IQ sacrificed sweet little puppies and kittens in some black mass before writing the root-kit code that allegedly infects every smartphone on the planet.


Two of the alleged bad guys using Carrier IQ are T-Mobile and HTC. So out of curiosity I went bebopping over to the Android Marketplace and typed 'carrier iq detector' into its search to see what popped up. I found six apps. I installed three of the free ones to try out. The results from running them are below. The astute reader will note that all three indicate my T-Mobile HTC myTouch 4G, running Android 2.2.1, does not have Carrier IQ.

Test results

So I will sleep the sleep of the innocents tonight, secure in the knowledge that my fabulous Android smartphone is safe from the prying eyes of nefarious black government agents flying about in their black helicopters. Or something. Whatever.


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