openSUSE 10.3 RC1: Things are beginning to work

Remember when I first installed RC1? And some key features were not working? Like OpenOffice? Tonight, while plunking around openSUSE under KDE, I decided to switch the desktop from KDE to Gnome, just to try Gnome out. So I downloaded all the bits I normally install for Gnome and logged back in under Gnome. Cool. Then I went back and started to look at the list of applications that failed to install. I pulled up YaST and started to install those applications, one at a time. As I installed each application I'd then attempt to start oowrite (OpenOffice Writer). When I installed xli, and then tried to start oowrite, lo and behold it started up and ran. Then I tried all the other applications in the OpenOffice suite, and they worked as well. I always had the feeling that buried somewhere in one of those uninstalled packages was some library or setting that was causing OpenOffice to exit with the message "no suitable windowing system found, exiting."

And one other observation. Gnome is quite nice. I'm not going to say that Gnome is better than KDE. Both are now quite good in their own ways and different enough to satisfy many tastes. My hat is off to both development teams. Excellent work.


  1. looks like i'll have to give SuSE another try.......


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