Hello United Kingdom

When you go googling for your blog to see how popular it is, you find out interesting facts. Like the fact that my blog is pretty poor with regards to hit returns (running between 600 and 800 results depending on which the wind blows, which just shows how much it sucks). And then there are the links to other rating tools, such as Kinja. Kinja is interesting in that it also includes results from Technorati and Alexa. Clicking on Alexa's link opens up a traffic details page, and at the bottom of the page are some of the most interesting facts of all.

Most interesting fact: I'm popular in the United Kingdom.

According to Alexa, between 40% and 50% of my blog's traffic comes from the UK. I don't know why, but I've actually broken below 100,000 in the UK (if you believe Alexa), sitting at around 73,000 to 75,000 in page rank. Compare that to the US; I only draw 3% and my page rank sits around 1.6 million. Oh. And second to the UK is Canada (10%). So over 50% of my traffic comes from two countries over seas.

Is it something in the water in the UK? In the air or the food? Are they laughing at me over there? Or are my blog posts so special that they resonate with those visitors? Why are the numbers (such as they are) skewed to the UK?

I keep getting the occasional reply from folks claiming to be from the UK, but that doesn't answer the question that really nags at me: why the UK? A response or two would be appreciated.


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