Life on Earth

While I might be tramping across the Martian landscape in my imagination, I find that living on Earth has its own wonderful rewards. I've got oxygen to breath, water to drink, and the temperatures are moderate enough that they don't kill me instantly when I go outside in tee-shirt and shorts. And every once in a while, when I bother to look up at the sky, I'm treated to some spectacular and beautiful sights. The Florida weather on this part of Earth can get quite stormy, but the aftermath can be quite beautiful to look at.

Each one of the photos was taken on a different day, but usually in the early to late evening. The first was right at sunset, and the orange glow suffused everything with golden light.

This next photo was after a large storm had come tramping through, and it was still rumbling when I stuck my head out to look around.

And this one was happening when I went to the mailbox to check for mail after coming home from work. It's a poor picture of the real glory of the late afternoon sunlight playing around the clouds.


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