Microsoft's XBox360 sales crash in August

I own a Wii, and I enjoy it when I have the time to sit down and use it. I voted for the Wii with my pocketbook against Microsoft and Sony, and for once it looks like I chose wisely. Helping my sense of correctness are the constant reports I keep reading of Nintendo's continuing success in the marketplace over Sony and Microsoft. For example, GameSHOUT reports that for the month of August:
  1. Nintendo sold 245,653 units of the Wii in the four weeks ending August 26,
  2. Sony sold 81,541 units of the PS3, and
  3. Microsoft sold 11,288 units of the XBox 360.
Of course I have to temper this gleeful schadenfreude with the realization that these statistics are for the Japanese market. Still, it's entertaining to watch Microsoft get smacked around repeatedly in the marketplace outside of desktop operating systems, especially where it has to compete more on merit than monopolistic ownership.


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