NetBeans 6 Beta 1 running on a constrained system

In an earlier post dinesh left a comment complaining about the poor performance of NetBeans 6 on his system as compared to earlier versions. This led me to upgrade my version rhea, the Ubuntu 7.04 test system, to NetBeans 6 Beta 1 from Milestone 9. I also upgraded to Java 6 Upgrade 2. I then started NetBeans 6 and ran some simple tests to see how well it performed on the desktop. rhea has "only" 512MB of DRAM like dinesh's system. The processor is a single-core 32-bit Athlon XP 2500+ running at 1.8 GHz. dinesh's was a dual-core Pentium 4.

  • Running NetBeans with Firefox is a mistake, especially if Firefox has been up for some time and has multiple tabs open. The keyboard response was horrible. This may be part of dinesh's issues with regards to performance. Of course running anything substantial with Firefox on this machine has been horrible, which is a shame.
  • Once Firefox exited the response in NetBeans 6 was quite good. Even after restarting Firefox the response stayed snappy. I was able to enter text, search for text, and compile and run the application with no issues and in a very timely way.
One other note. I installed the Nodoka theme from the openSUSE factory (funny, that). The controls are from the Nodoka theme, but the window border is not. And the only reason the window border isn't Nodoka is because it didn't show up when the theme was installed. I discovered Nodoka when I booted Fedora 8 Test 2.


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