Dan Lyons: "So Profoundly Wrong"

Dan Lyons has done something that I thought he'd never do. He's proven that he actually does have a shred of integrity. He's written a piece on Forbes' titled "Snowed by SCO" where he admits he was wrong. About SCO. About Linux. About all us "crunchies" who were defending Linux with the facts.

Ahhh... Savor this moment...

The final paragraph pretty much sums up his apology piece:
SCO is road kill. Its lawsuit long ago ceased to represent any threat to Linux. That operating system has become far too successful to be dislodged. Someday soon the SCO lawsuits will go away, and I will never have to write another article about SCO ever again. I can't wait.
I'm curious to see if Rob Enderle will now write such a piece. My take is he won't. I think Rob would sooner die in abject poverty than admit he was wrong about anything, let alone SCO and Linux.

I'm also curious to see how this will affect another "profoundly wrong" and rather odious opinion piece written by Roger Parloff of Fortune titled "Did SCO get Linux-mob justice?" That article was paid for by somebody; if not SCO, then one of Linux's detractors, probably Microsoft.

Maybe some justice will come out of this after all.


  1. Sharp and spiteful Bill. I love it!

  2. I was hoping for the same from Rob Enderle but I doubt we'll see anything (I'm not holding my breath, anyway).

    There are very few people that really get on my nerves but he is one of the few.


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